Network Access Contol
Maximize network security and IT operational efficiency
Visibility. Control. Response.
Secure your network without changing it
IPScan NAC provides all the major features that network managers expect, such as Network Access Control(NAC), IP Address Management(IPAM), Desktop Configuration Management, and complete security controls over Wi-Fi access, automated IT security operations, IT asset management, and much more.
Major Functions
Network Diagram
Product Composition
  Hardware Customizing Policy Server(H/W)
Component IP Detection Device / NAC Sensor Web-IP Application & Authorization Integrate with customer's DB IPScan NAC Policy Server
Model Probe 600~1000 Series Probe 100~200 Series API Module NAC 1000 ~ 10000
Function - Policy execution device
- Receive all commands
- Agent Checking
- Block Agent not installed.
- Web IP Application
- Unauthorized IP Authentication
- Interworking with external DB
- IPScan NAC Server
- Required SW, malicious SW detection
- Event log storage and retrieval function
- IP Management System Integrated Management