Integrated DHCP & IP Address Management Solutions Providing Superior Layer 2 Network Access Control.
Major Functions

Easy Implementation
- No need to apply PC based agent program
- No need for network upgrade (802.1x)
- User-friendly control interface
- Supports 802.1q to manage multi-VLAN environment

Providing advanced DHCP server features
- Embedded DHCP function
- Controls entire range of IP devices, regardless of IP management environment

Real-time Management
- Real-time IP/MAC inventory status
- Real-time alarm events
- Real-time blocking and authentication
- Real-time IP conflict monitoring

Layer 2 Access Control Solution
- Controls devices regardless of operating system
- Agentless control solution
- Controls network devices (Switch, Router, IPT, etc.)

IPScan XE Expected Effects (ROI)
IPScan XE is a high-performance solution (a must-have for the network administrator who needs to manage end-point communications) and an agentless network access control solution that provides network administrators with essential tools, including IP address management.
  5,000 users 5,001 ~ 20,000 users 20,001 ~ 30,000 users 30,001 ~50,000 users
Configuration Integrated XE Server with DBMS Integrated XE Server with DBMS Integrated XE Server with DBMS Set upon agreement
CPU Xeon 3.0GHz or faster Xeon 3.0GHz Dual or faster Xeon 3.0GHz Quad or faster Xeon 3.0GHz Quad x2 or faster
Memory 4Gbyte or more 8Gbyte or more 16Gbyte or more 32Gbyte or more
HDD 500Gbyte (SATA) or more 500Gbyte (SCSI) or more 1Tbyte (SCSI) or more 1Tbyte (SCSI) or more
NIC 100/1000Mbps 100/1000Mbps 100/1000Mbps Set upon agreement
OS Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2,
Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019
DBMS MS SQL Express - - -
MS SQL 2012, MS SQL 2014, MS SQL 2016, MS SQL 2017
MySQL 5.5, MySQL 5.6 - - -
Oracle 11g, Oracle 11g R2, Oracle 12c