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Effective IP Address Management (IPAM) Shouldn't Be Overlooked
Created date2017.08.09


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IP Address Management (IPAM) has become more complex over the last few years, however this is primarily because solutions are more comprehensive. It now includes hardware, a centralized server, and several different pieces of software. The goal of IPAM is to provide businesses with a complete solution to detect every IP address and Ethernet connection within a network. Once detected, the information is then added to a database and stored in a centralized location. Along with detecting addresses, the management of this information is a central tenant as well.

One of the primary reasons that businesses need some form of IP Address Management is security. As more information is stored on a network or online, the more security is needed. In general, a business is much vulnerable to an internal attack than external. Some studies estimate that up to 70% of business will suffer at least one internal security incident a year. With an effective IPAM solution, the network can become more secure and more accurately monitored. This has shown to be even more important in areas that rely on wireless internet access.

Another function of IP Address Management is to prevent network conflicts. While it cannot prevent every cause of these conflicts, IPAM can prevent many network issues that arise from IP addressing problems. These types of conflicts can eliminate the connectivity to central servers. Additionally, effective management solutions will also integrate IT and network engineering operations. IPAM can be a very time-consuming task when the process and information is not centralized. With a comprehensive approach, effective strategies can boost productivity and decrease maintenance costs.

From a business perspective, an effective IP Address Management strategy has shown to provide a significant return on investment in several different areas. Along with preventing network downtime and mitigating potential risks, an up-to-date IPAM strategy also improves compliance readiness. Depending on the organization, there is a good chance that there is some sort of regulatory compliance that must be met. A comprehensive strategy ensures that non-compliance is not potential hazard.

IP Address Management strategies have evolved dramatically over the years. It began as a simple software strategy in which a single database stored all of the relevant information. Today, IPAM has become a much more comprehensive and centralized strategy designed to achieve more than data tracking. It is now being used to increase security, minimize maintenance costs, and prevent non-compliance issues. It has also changed to include several different types of software combined with a server and additional necessary hardware.