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ViaScope Online Promotion Status- Keyword Searching
Created date2017.08.09


We registered our "ViaScope" web site and product related keywords to world-renowned search engines and directory services in March this year. Anyone would find out that the keywords "IP management" and "Network Access Control" are of much interest.
Our main products, "IPScan" and "Smart IP" have been registered as keyword to world-renowned search engines (including Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK, etc), indicating that our product can be easily exposed to the target segments. Furthermore, the ViaScope web site is scheduled to be registered with more than 80 search engines by July this year. The open directory project is originated from DMOZ (www.dmoz.comfrom,itsoriginaldomain name) where more than a hundred thousand URLs are monthly registered directly by interested netizens, which world renowned search engines quote frequently, directly or indirectly.