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ViaScope, Participated in the PS-LTE project
Created date2019.08.28


ViaScope has announced that they will supply ‘IPScan NAC’ to the PS-LTE project led by the MOIS (Ministry of the Interior and Safety).

The PS-LTE is designed by the government to improve the welfare of people when the country has tragedies. This project aims to create a unified network connection among Police, Fire safety Institute and local administration offices so that the government can provide integrated and effective command & control communication during urgent emergencies.

IPScan NAC from ViaScope was chosen by its genuine technologies such as ‘detection’ and ‘blocking’ function in both IPv4 and IPv6 network which other vendors do not acquire. As a leading player of the NAC solution, ViaScope was also highlighted by multiple software licenses with regard to screening, inspecting device and blocking features in IPv6 network.


IPScan NAC is a network access control and an IP/MAC asset management solution. It provides a network surveillance and an accurate device analysis. All connected devices are monitored, updated and blocked if necessary, by the administrator’s policies. Therefore, ViaScope’s IPScan NAC contributes to more security and less workload of administrators at workplace.

Jeong-JunChul, a director from Domestic sales department at ViaScope has said "IPScan NAC presents ‘Control function’ which enables to manage devices in IPv6 network and holds software licenses. This participation in PS-LTE results from ViaScope's advanced network management and security technologies." and also mentioned "We will be a key vendor in Korea regarding IPv6 network management and security market from this project."