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ViaScope Inc. designated as SW Global Star Company
Created date2017.08.09


Pioneers Japanese market, spotlighted as a leading provider of network management solutions

IP security management solution provider, "ViaScope Inc." (CEO, Chan-woo Kim) was designated as Global Star Company for the "Discovering SW Global Upbringing Company" project joint-hosted by KOTRA(Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) and MKE(Ministry of Knowledge Economy) on 21st, April.

To promote pioneering foreign markets of domestic software companies, the "Discovering SW Global Upbringing Company" project has been hosted by KOTRA in joint with NIPA (National IT Industry Promotion Agency), KOSA (Korea Software Industry Association), ITSA(Korea Information Technology Service Industry Association) and KISIA (Korea Information Security Industry Association) for between 22nd March and 2nd April, where the program contested the competitiveness and marketability in foreign countries for final 20 selections.

ViaScope Inc. was nominated as the final in recognition of technology, export potential, and marketability. Since its establishment in 1999, ViaScope has obtained results including successful entrance into Japanese market with IPScan and Smart IP as integrated IP management solution in contract with a major distributor, whose clients include major automobile manufacturers and electronics companies.

ViaScope takes the opportunity of designation as "Japanese 10 most promising Software Global Star Company" to expand its market share by accelerating its effort pioneering the market in association with Tokyo SW distribution center.