Integrated DHCP & IP Address Management Solutions Providing Superior Layer 2 Network Access Control
IPScanXE Overview Major Functions H/W Spec. Operating Environments SmartIP
Secure IP Address Management Layer 2 Network Access Control Solution
IPScan is an IP/MAC resource management and network security solution that enables IT managers to automate the IP/MAC resource management process.
IPScan controls network access of any device that uses IP addresses. Utilizing our powerful blocking technology, IPScan ensures that unknown and unauthorized IP/MAC addresses are prevented from accessing the network. By deploying IPScan into your network, you can centrally manage distributed IP/MAC address resources more safely, effectively and efficiently. IPScan provides IP-enabled organizations with valuable security, availability, compliance, operational efficiency benefits and increased ROI.
IPScan is deployed by hundreds of large enterprises, service providers, government, military agencies and educational institutions.
IPScan consists of four components: (1) administrative console software, (2) centralized server, (3) database, and (4) distributed hardware; probes.
IPScan is the only solution that provides complete control over all of your IP/MAC access points in your network. IPScan automatically detects and documents every Ethernet and IP address that attempts access the network, enforcing centrally defined policies in real-time with the ability to block unauthorized devices from communicating through the network. IPScan helps secure networks against internal breaches, prevents inadvertent network disruptions from address conflicts, mitigates risks of non-compliance with regulatory requirements regarding security, corporate financial and operation information as well as increasing your IT department’s operational efficiency when delivering information services.
DHCP Server
Real-time IP/MAC asset management
Static IP device control
IP conflict protection
IP change protection
Unused IP blocking
Time-based IP usage control
IP Address Management
Agentless & out of band
Non 802.1x based
Real-time layer 2 IP/MAC control
Unauthorized device blocking
Time-based usage control
User identification management by IP/MAC Switch port control & management
Agentless NAC
Authorized pool management for internal users
Unauthorized pool management for external & temporary users
Fixed DHCP IP allocation Access time control for temporary users. Auto-blocking of Static IP in the DHCP IP range
Major Functions
Easy Implementation
No need to apply PC based agent program
No need for network upgrade (802.1x)
User-friendly control interface
Supports 802.1q to manage multi-VLAN environment
Providing advanced DHCP server features
Embedded DHCP function
Controls entire range of IP devices, regardless of IP management environment
Real-time Management
Real-time IP/MAC inventory status
Real-time alarm events
Real-time blocking and authentication
Real-time IP conflict monitoring
Layer 2 Access Control Solution
Controls devices regardless of operating system
Agentless control solution
Controls network devices (Switch, Router, IPT, etc.)

IPScan XE  Expected Effects (ROI)

IPScan XE is a high-performance solution (a must-have for the network administrator who needs to manage end-point communications) and an agentless network access control solution that provides network administrators with essential tools, including IP address management.

H/W Spec.
Operating Environments
IPScan XE Server & DBMS Hardware Recommendations
  5,000 users 5,001 ~ 20,000 users 20,001 ~ 30,000 users 30,001 ~50,000 users
Configuration Integrated XE Server with DBMS Integrated XE Server with DBMS Integrated XE Server with DBMS Set upon agreement
CPU Xeon 3.0GHz or faster Xeon 3.0GHz Dual or faster Xeon 3.0GHz Quad or faster Xeon 3.0GHz Quad x2 or faster
Memory 4Gbyte or more 8Gbyte or more 16Gbyte or more 32Gbyte or more
HDD 500Gbyte (SATA) or more 500Gbyte (SCSI) or more 1Tbyte (SCSI) or more 1Tbyte (SCSI) or more
NIC 100/1000Mbps 100/1000Mbps 100/1000Mbps Set upon agreement
OS Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2
DBMS MS SQL Express 2005, 2008 - - -
MS SQL 2005, MS SQL 2008, MS SQL 2008 R2, MS SQL 2012
MySQL 5.0 - - -
Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, 11g
※ Above recommendations are typical specifications and may require adjustments depending on the actual target network environment.
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